Workshops & Offsites

Workshops & Offsites
Generate ideas, solve problems and explore opportunities with our high-energy workshops.
How we can help you
Workshops & Offsites
How we can help

Think big and bold.

We’re experienced in helping groups collaborate effectively to generate brilliant ideas and solve tricky problems. We have a network of experienced facilitators who work with clients across the UK and beyond. So wherever you’re based, we can help you.
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  • We’re adept at stretching a group’s thinking and helping them see things from new perspectives. We’ll create a safe space for experimentation and risk taking to reveal your team’s creative brilliance.
  • We act as a catalyst to spark a group’s creativity by maintaining energy levels, introducing creative thinking techniques, ensuring group cohesion and providing the necessary support in terms of equipment and recording.
  • Our workshops & offsites can be delivered virtually or in person, from 60 minutes to a day or more in duration, and for groups of 5-500 (or more!), depending on your requirements.
  • It isn’t necessary for us to have a deep understanding of your company or industry – in fact it can be a distinct advantage to have someone guaranteed to bring a fresh approach.

We’re better together.

Our workshops can focus on collaboration, team effectiveness, communication, goal setting and prioritisation, time management and more.
New Teams

Help your new team bond and build team spirit by getting aligned and agreeing how to collaborate effectively.

Team Strengths

Help your team identify and build on their strengths, and collaborate better through embracing varied work styles.

Leaders & Managers

We can help leaders and managers boost team spirit, encourage initiative and build engagement in their teams.

Case Studies

See how we have helped our clients
Workshops & Offsites

Decision making workshops for a global financial company

We worked with a global financial company to create a bespoke workshop to help them speed up their decision making processes.

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Workshops & Offsites

Team building workshop for a publishing company

We were approached by a publishing company looking for an experienced dynamic facilitator to work with a team of senior managers.

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Workshops & Offsites

Innovation workshops for a national retailer

Our client wanted to give a group of graduates an overview of the challenges of innovation in corporate life, and to help them understand some useful approaches to maintain a high level of focus on innovation in their work.

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Client testimonial

"We learnt a lot about each other and what makes us tick, and how we can support each other more as a result. Everyone came away feeling very positive and we had a clear set of actions we could take forward together.”

Antonia Seymour
Managing Director, IOP Publishing