Define Your Values


Defining the right set of values for your company will help you make effective decisions and bring your team together.

This practical toolkit includes guides, examples and tools to help you define and implement a solid set of corporate values with your team.


About this Toolkit

This comprehensive, easy-to-use toolkit is designed to help you define and refine your company's values. You'll be guided step-by-step through a process of working with your team to:

  • Learn about values and how they benefit organisations, by examining relevant case studies and examples
  • Identify and discuss your own values and how they guide your decisions and behaviours
  • Formulate a set of values that are relevant to your organisation
  • Decide and plan practical steps for introducing them to your wider teams
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PDF Guide

Our comprehensive PDF implementation guide provides step-by-step instructions to take your team through a process of defining relevant and effective values for your company. Everything is clearly presented and explained, so you can run the process yourself with confidence.

Real Examples

All our toolkits come with a variety of real-life examples. We analyse and explain how a selection of companies have carried out this work in the past and outline the resulting impact. You'll be able to see examples from a range of businesses of different sizes, from different industries.

Slide Deck

To help you lead your team through the process, we provide a clear and engaging slide deck. This flexible deck provides overviews of key topics, examples, activity outlines and action planning frameworks. You can easily add your branding to the slides to make them your own.
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Practical Tools

The toolkit comes with several easy-to-use tools to help you and your team to define and articulate your values. These step-by-step frameworks take participants through a process to help surface ideas, identify patterns, make connections and draw conclusions. We'll outline how to use each tool with clear, concise instructions.

Workshop Guide

A workshop approach is key to the process of defining values with your team. Our facilitation guide will help you run such a workshop, with suggested agenda, discussion points and scripted elements to help you explain each step and activity. Follow our suggested approach to the letter or tailor it to suit your style and team.

Action Plan

It's crucial to achieve a tangible outcome from this process, so we'll show you how to work with your team to create a practical action plan to implement the end result. The plan includes tasks, timescales, roles and responsibilities, to connect what is often seen as a "fluffy" topic into specific outcomes that will impact your business.

Why Values?

Values are fundamental to the success and growth of every business. They are your DNA. No matter what sector you operate in, the size of your organisation, turnover or market share, it is critical that your business has a clearly defined and articulated set of values.

You need to know what your organisation stands for and why. And so does everyone involved in your business – your employees, customers, business partners and any other affiliated organisations.

5 reasons to start using values today

  1. They drive your company vision and strategy, keeping you on track as a business.
  2. They inform company policy and processes
  3. They attract employees who share your values
  4. They help you and your employees make better, value-driven decisions
  5. They ensure that your company is acting as a whole, with common goals and aspirations. This is important because successful companies are those that know who they are, why and where they’re going.

Values shape your company culture, influencing how your employees do business, how they make their decisions each day, every day and how they interact with colleagues and customers. They really are fundamental to everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After you have purchased the toolkit you'll receive an email with a link to log into our learning platform. Here you can follow a step-by-step guide, and download a zip folder containing all the files. You'll have access to our learning platform for 90 days to make use of and download the toolkit.

These tools are intended for individual use only. If you'd like to purchase multiple copies to share with your team or learn more about volume discounts for organisations, please contact

Once you've downloaded and extracted the zip folder, read the PDF guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions, including how and when to use each element of the toolkit.

We have run this process many times with a wide variety of organisations. We have also had positive feedback from leaders who have used this toolkit.

The toolkit contains everything you need to run the process -  including the workshop - yourself. If you would rather pay extra for a facilitator to run the workshop for you, we can accommodate this through our parent company Creative Huddle.

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“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.”

Elvis Presley